Turner Falls

I finally made my way to Turner Falls in Oklahoma, and wow was it fun! Turner Falls is a beautiful, natural swimming area with SO much to offer. The park itself was much larger than I anticipated with many hiking trails, hidden caves, shallow pools and waterfalls! You can stay overnight at their many campgrounds or cabins but I decided to do just a day trip since I don’t live too far. The park opens at 6am and closes at 8:30pm for those just visiting for the day, and honestly you’ll want the full day to be able to enjoy everything. The hiking was definitely my favorite! The trails were so pretty and I am one who is down to do some climbing so we did some difficult trails (honestly, we probably made up our own routes, lol) that involved climbing rock walls and through small, tight caves but it was totally worth it. We saw some amazing views and we even found a small pool by a cave that was pretty hidden which was really fun! Turner Falls is most famous for their 77′ waterfall which was incredible for someone like me who doesn’t live near anything like that. A few of my friends that have lived in this area for a while told me they used to not have the waterfall chained off and you could actually walk behind it but now you can’t get it near it at all, which I’m sure is for the best.

The shallow pools were shockingly freezing, but it wasn’t hard to get used to with the sun beating down. They were also very slippery due to all the moss and plants growing on the surface of the rocks so be careful! I don’t know how many times I had a mini heart attack thinking my camera and phone were going to plunge right in if I were to slip. Luckily, that didn’t happen. Some parts are actually deep enough to swim or use a rope swing but other areas are best if just walked across. My boyfriend and I , and our two good friends went together so it was a lot of fun to catch up because we definitely don’t see them as much as we’d like since we all went off to school. My friend also brought her GoPro and we got some really awesome footage, so if you have a GoPro or waterproof camera I definitely recommend bringing it! There’s so many cool sights you’ll want to capture out there! There’s also gift shops and food but we actually never went inside, we decide to save some money by making our lunches at home and having a picnic when we got there.

If you plan on going I really recommend buying tickets online because during the summer the park reaches its capacity very early in the day and once they reach it they won’t let anymore visitors in for that day unless you already purchased a ticket online. We had no idea they frequently turn people away until we stopped at this rest stop in OK and the sweetest ladies there informed us about families coming through everyday and not being let in because of the capacity limit, so they helped us purchase them right there online. Tickets are $12 for an adult and that includes parking and all fees, however there is a special fee for purchasing it online so it came out to be about $15, but still affordable for a fun day trip! I really hope to make my way out there again this summer and maybe even spend the night to explore some more! Let me know of any places in this area or in Texas that y’all love to go to explore!

much love, Sydnee