The First Six Flags Ever Built!!

Good Morning!

This past weekend I visited the first Six Flags ever built, Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas! I thought I would share with all of you because it was such a blast and the park itself is a really fun environment! So, I didn’t realize this but they were hosting a Fourth of July event this same weekend, so not only was it extremely hot, but it was crazy crowded. However, me and my boyfriend wanted to get there early to miss the long lines and the park actually let us in 30 minutes early due to the Fourth of July event. Awesome, right? Because of this, we rode everything we wanted to without any lines and were finished by 1pm, haha! But this park is so fun to just walk around and explore. The rides are all separated into sections and “countries”, as an example there’s Spain, Mexico, Boom Town, Gotham City, and more. Our favorites were definitely The Riddler and Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast! The Riddler is based off of the Joker and everyone is strapped in facing outwards in a circle. The center circle piece is attached to an arm that swings left and right almost flipping you upside down. It’s so so fun and a must if you find yourself going to Six Flags Over Texas. Mr. Freeze is unlike any other roller coaster I’ve ever been on because the coaster starts off indoors then shoots you backwards! The best part is when it shoots you to an almost 90 degree point that holds you at the top, then drops you to complete the rest of the coaster. A new ride just opened a few weeks ago, The Joker, which looks crazy fun but the line was way too long to wait in sadly, but we will definitely make that ride a priority for next time! Definitely an extreme thrill! The park has many shops, food, and resting areas with misters so that was really nice with Texas’s weather. Of course I couldn’t go there and not try one of their many, fair-like menu items. We gave in and ordered some cheesy, bacon fries to share, and man was that a deliciously horrible idea, Lol! We didn’t even get close to finishing them and we felt so sick. Needless to say, we didn’t ride anymore extreme roller coasters after that, but if you have a stronger stomach than me I 10/10 recommend these fries! We also bought a season pass while we were there so we will for sure be returning, and I hope some of y’all can make your way out there! I’m an amusement park addict, and this park has some of the best rides I’ve ever been on!

Here’s some pics of our fun day!!!!

much love, Sydnee