Turner Falls

I finally made my way to Turner Falls in Oklahoma, and wow was it fun! Turner Falls is a beautiful, natural swimming area with SO much to offer. The park itself was much larger than I anticipated with many hiking trails, hidden caves, shallow pools and waterfalls! You can stay overnight at their many campgrounds or cabins but I decided to do just a day trip since I don’t live too far. The park opens at 6am and closes at 8:30pm for those just visiting for the day, and honestly you’ll want the full day to be able to enjoy everything. Read more

My Top 5 Favorite Affordable Skincare Products!

Hey Lovelies!

I get comments daily from friends, family and strangers on how I keep my skin so clear, so I wanted to share it with all of you! Most of these products I’ve been using for years now, but some are also fairly new and I have just fallen in love with their results! I tried to include pretty affordable products because we all know living on that college budget is pretty limited.

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