DIY Rustic Furniture with Chalk Paint!!


Hey guys! This is my very first blog post so I am super excited to share this with you! These pictures above are the final products of two projects I’ve been working on and I LOVE how they turned out! Both projects took only 2-3 days and required very little work which is perfect for those who are busy like me. Here are the products you will need:

  • Valspar Tintable Chalky Paint (40 available colors!) $29.99
  • An oil based paint brush (angled is best) $9.99
  • Fine sand paper (I got 180 grit, and it came in a 4 pack) $3.47
  • Valspar Sealing Wax $16.98

I got all of these products at Lowe’s, and I know it sounds a little pricey for such a small amount of paint but after painting the dresser with two coats I only used up about 3/4 of the entire can! With that being said, one can covers multiple projects. I also used less than half of the sealing wax and it covered both this antique table and dresser.

Ok, so first grab an old towel or t-shirt and wipe off all the dirt and dust from the piece of furniture. Then go straight to painting the entire piece! Don’t worry about being careful and making sure all the strokes are in the same direction because it adds character for when you sand it later to distress it. After the first coat dries (which only takes about 15 minutes) you may need another coat depending on the piece and color, or you may like the wood showing through slightly. Once all the paint is dry, get to sanding! This part is super easy and where you can really be creative. There’s no wrong way to do this step! I like to distress all the edges and some on the flat surfaces to give it a very subtle look, however you can purchase dark wax to give it a even more rustic look! Once you have sanded the piece to your liking, dust it off one more time and start painting on the wax. You can use the same brush for this step and make sure to cover the piece evenly. The sealing wax is clear and spreads very easily and smoothly so don’t be afraid to do a few coats to really seal everything in and give it a nice shine, but after every surface you paint with the sealing wax come behind it with a clean, old towel and wipe off the excess. Let the sealing wax dry and you’re finished! isn’t it so easy?? I love this technique because it requires ZERO preparation, and gives the furniture a really pretty finish. Here are some before and after pictures! If you follow these steps please comment and share with me your beautiful pieces!!

much love, Sydnee