BTS | The Perfect Dorm Room!

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Hey Everyone!

School is just around the corner and summer is coming to an end! Somehow every year we always know the exact date school starts back up again but we are never ready for it. This is my first post in my back to school series and I am so excited to share with you my best tips on creating the cutest and most efficient dorm room! Being a freshman is terrifying, nerve wracking, exciting, overwhelming, and so much fun! I know, so many emotions, but it’s honestly so true. Your first year will be filled with learning new things and discovering how to “adult”. When I was accepted into my university I was ecstatic to decorate my dorm and immediately started brain storming color schemes and throw pillows! However, while decorating a dorm is so so fun you also have to make sure it’s an efficient space to sleep, eat and study. I was very lucky with my dorm room because it was only 2 years old, therefore it was very clean and up to date. My room was staggered so one living space was in the front left and the other living space in the back right, with a bathroom connecting to another dorm. Our bathroom was super big with four sinks and two shower/toilet rooms within it, so needless to say we had a lot of space to decorate! Other students aren’t so lucky with their living space, so decorating is a must to make it feel just like home.

Your bedding is so important because it’s definitely the focal point of the room so choose a color scheme you really love. My grey duvet cover is from Urban Outfitters and my throw pillows are from both Target and HomeGoods (these pictures were taken before I fully moved in so I eventually added many more pillows because they are my obsession). My throw blankets were also from Target, of course. The curtains behind my bed were also hanging on my closet to hide away any clutter and storage to make the room look more organized and roomy, and were actually shower curtains from target haha! The wall décor above my bed were all from Hobby Lobby, which I got for 50% off with their weekly ad. My frame with hanging pictures actually came from a flea market and I thought was a really cute way to display pictures of my friends and family. Rugs are also a great way to tie your dorm together and make it look more cozy and like home, mine were from Target and HomeGoods. Your Dorm is your home for the next two semesters so it needs to reflect you and be a space you love to come back to. You are going to spend A LOT of time in your dorm so I believe it’s really important to make it as comfortable as possible.

Next, your dorm room needs to be an efficient space. Storage is SO important so I recommend lots of shelves, containers, and baskets. You need places to put all your snacks, laundry detergent, school supplies, toiletries, makeup, etc. One of my favorite dorm purchases was my shelf from HomeGoods. I think it’s so cute and gave me a place to put cute decorations and my makeup. It also gave my desk a lot more space and organized it perfectly. Now, lets talk about your food. Some students like to keep only a few snacks in their room and eat their meals out on campus, and others like to cook a lot more in their room. I, Personally, liked to cook a little bit more in my dorm to try to eat as healthy as possible. If your dorm does not have a shared kitchen then I recommend paper plates and plastic utensils. It will make cleanup much easier, and that way you’re not trying to wash cereal down your bathroom drain, EW! But, If you’re planning to cook a little in your dorm microwave, have a lot of scented plug-ins on hand because your dorm will smell up fast and I hate having a room that smells like food.

However, regardless if your dorm looks like it come straight from a Dormify catalog, or you keep it much more low key, your Freshman year will be a time you’ll never forget! Stay positive and go to class even if it doesn’t seem worth it, trust me you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about at the end of the semester. I hope you guys have as much fun decorating your dorm room as I did!!

much love, Sydnee