BTS | How To Stay Positive During The School Year!

Hey lovelies! The school year is approaching so quickly, and while I love summer, I can’t wait to be back! In High School I use to dread the first day and kept a countdown of how many days I had left before I walked back through those doors, but college is much different and becomes a home away from home. However, regardless of your age, school at some point will test you and become so incredibly overwhelming, so I’d like to help by sharing some tips I have on staying positive during those rough patches.

(1) Keep Your Short-Term Goals Close & Your Long-Term Goals Closer

When school assignments are piling up and due dates keep creeping up faster than you thought, it is incredibly, emotionally draining. While it is very important to push for those A’s and study long hours for those exams, your long-term goals should also not be forgotten. If you want to go to college, remember that, if you want to become a Teacher, Doctor, Dentist, remember that. Your future can be very motivating if you set your long-term goals and keep them close to you. I find it so motivating to know that while things are tough right now, there’s so much more waiting for you at the end, you just have to get there.

(2) Don’t Stress The Little Things

I briefly mentioned this topic in another blog post, but I think it is very important. So often in life we get so tangled up in all of life’s obstacles that we forget we are all just human. School especially has a funny way of making you feel like the entire world is crashing in on you when you have mounds of responsibilities that all require your full attention. I can look back and remember stressing so much over certain assignments that I had no time to complete other assignments which resulted in creating a much bigger mess for myself. It’s important to not stress so much over assignments that you take your frustration out on everything else. It’s okay to get that one B if it means saving your sanity, it’s okay that that one exam didn’t turn out exactly like you hoped. Mistakes happen and you can’t live in regret and frustration that you’re not doing as much as you could be. Of course there’s a fine line, because you should take school seriously and take pride in your work and studies, but school shouldn’t be something you completely dread and hate, it should feel like the stepping-stones to your future. You are doing wonderfully! Don’t tear yourself down but rather build yourself up upon those rough days. You are not alone!

(3) Get Involved!!

When school is rough, you need to have people around you that make you feel genuinely welcomed and activities you enjoy to make the bad days not seem so bad. High School is filled with organizations left and right that cover the entire spectrum of personalities and interests. Most of you know this I’m sure, but it can be hard to put yourself out there and find that club that is a perfect fit for you. However, every person in that organization had to go outside of their comfort zone at some point so you can see that it won’t always be awkward, but eventually very rewarding. In college, there’s an insane amount of things to get involved in depending on your campus. There’s Honor Societies, Student Government, Student Life clubs, Greek Life, and so so much more. There’s so many opportunities to surround yourself with people and activities to keep you positive, happy, and determined through your college journey. Everyone needs support and/or something to cheer-lead them on through hard times. I really hope this post helps you and sheds some light on those dark days we all encounter during school:)

much love, Sydnee



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