Hello, welcome to Simply Sydnee; a blog about everything from college, and life in general, to beauty and exploring! My name is Sydnee and to tell you a little bit about me I am from the North Texas area but I moved around ALOT while I was young. I am originally from the Salt Lake City area, but have lived in San Antonio TX, St. George UT, San Fransisco CA, and now I have found my way back to Texas (and no we do not ride horses to school, lol)! Me in a nutshell; I am obsessed with makeup, designer bags, iced coffee, getting my nails done, anything pastel, and needless to say, food!

I created Simply Sydnee because I love reading about other people’s life experiences, as well as watching vlogs on youtube, but have always been hesitant to actually take action of my own. One day, I decided that I’m really passionate about this and nothing should hold me back so I decided to start my own and I hope to inspire you in the same way! I attend a four-year university studying Animal Science to receive my Bachelor’s degree in science, so I really wanted to connect with other people and share my experience of balancing school and life. College is tough! That’s exactly why I made this blog, to show how I manage everything so I can have fun and enjoy life! I love everything beauty, DIY, health, travel, etc. The world is ours to explore, and I cannot wait to capture it all here on this blog! I hope you find inspiration and/or a little something to brighten your day here on Simply Sydnee! Please join my emailing list to receive notifications when a new post is uploaded, and find me on all my social media!

much love, Sydnee